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To provide rapid and clear response to the needs of immigrant families on both sides of the US/Mexico Border.  We are a coalition of Christian Churches and Ministries based in the RGV.

RGV Christians have been working together for decades to care for and encourage immigrant families coming to the United States.  Immigrant issues along the border are constant.  Since 2014 tens of thousands of Central Americans, primarily from Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala have enter the Southern US Border seeking Asylum and a better, safer life.  This migration has been at the center of this latest US immigration crisis.  While across the US, people struggle to know what is right in this issue, the Christians of the Rio Grande Valley have responded to the Human needs that these many people represent.  Jesus clearly encourages his followers to "care for the least of these" in Matt 25:34-46.

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Reinforcing our Commitment


"Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does"

William James


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